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How To Increase Sperm Count Naturally

How To Increase Sperm Count Naturally Low sperm count leads to infertility in men.Low sperm count is not a disease but is a sign that you are not taking good care of your body.Most men do not know about this and they waste there money in many medicines instead of being natural.Having low sperm count is not good for a women getting pregnant.Low sperm count greatly depends upon the human lifestyle and diet.All work and no physical activity makes us sick.Unable to take good and healthy diet is also a reason for low sperm count.

The normal sperm count in human body is around 20 million per ml which is nowadays reduced to 15 million per ml because of poor lifestyle and diet.We can increase sperm count in our body naturally without taking any pills or expensive medicines.Just follow below tips to increase the sperm count and sperm fertility.

Tips To Increase Sperm Count And Male Fertility Naturally


1.Avoid Smoking : Smoking is injurious to entire body health.It damages our lungs and gives us a big belly and damaged brain cells.Smoking also affects the blood quality.And increased nicotine in blood reduces and destroys sperm production in human body.If you smoke heavily immediately stop it.Smoking introduces many toxins in the body and makes the skin color darker and removes the glow on face and skin.It is very deadly and harmful for sperms.Avoid it totally.

2.Avoid Alcohol : Like smoking alcohol is an enemy of human sperms.It damages liver and brain cells.Due to damaged brain,the brain cannot control the right amount of sperm production in our body thereby lowering sperm count.It also affects the pituitary gland in the human brain which is also known as growth hormone releasing gland.

3.Always Be Happy : Always try to be happy in your life and avoid unusual tension and stress on your mind and body.Keeping oneself happy is the first step to a healthy lifestyle.Keep yourself motivated always and never lose hope.A happy brain releases adrenaline in the body which is a chemical responsible for the feeling of happiness.Do not put stress on your brain under any circumstances.Do meditation and be calm.

4.Wear Loose Pants And Underwears : Wear tight pants and underwears greatly affects the sperm production.The temperature for sperm production is 3 degrees lower than human body i.e. 34 degree celcius.If you wear tight underwear then it will put stress on the testes which will affect sperm production.If you are sitting for a long time then relax them at intervals to avoid stress on testes.Also varicocele can trigger lower sperm count and infertility.

5.Do Exercise At Home : Exercise is most important to improve lifestyle.Exercise will improve everything in your body.Exercise will give you healthy blood,healthy muscles,healthy bones,healthy heart and healthy lungs.It will boost your metabolism.Add exercises to your life no matter how busy you are in life.If you do not have much time to hit the gym workout at home.A good workout will enhance sperm production in body.Exercises like squats are very good for sperm production.Invest atleast one hour to workout for good health and well being.Do cardiovascular exercises daily like running,walking and jogging.

6.Take A Healthy Diet : Avoid junks foods and excessive fats.Take vitamins of all kinds.You can get most vitamins from fresh fruits and dairy products.Include protein in your diet.Eat eggs,drink milk and adequate amount of water in a day upto 2 litres.Eat bananas because they are vitamin rich foods and best food for sperm production.Bananas are full of vitamins.They add health to your body.Also consume fish and sea foods if possible.

7.Avoid Mobile Radiation : However we can’t avoid mobile radiation completely but we can reduce it.Most people and expert says  that mobile phone radiation affects sperm count if the phone is kept in pant’s pocket.Yes it can lower sperm count and also the phone itself can.Mobile radiation increases the heat in pocket which affects sperm count.So be careful while using your mobile phone.

Above tips can give you a good sperm count and health.But exercise is most important in one’s life for overall health.Change your lifestyle ,exercise a little bit,take a healthy diet and you will live a healthy life.

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